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Mumbai, Street Children











And so...

we do what must be done with what we have, I have been both selfish and selfless, giver and taker, in that I mean it takes time, effort and money to travel but on my travels I have also given a great deal of my experience and money to help those that are less fortunate, whether that was helping to build basic wooden beds and cupboards in safe houses in Mumbai to save the children from the "sweat shops" or just having the time and energy to play Frisbee with the poor children of the World.

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Orangutans, Sumatra 

            The Travelling Poet


What does it mean to be a Traveller?


For those wishing this life I can only say it will be the most amazing experience possible but also the worst , forget possessions, routine, let go of attachment, technology and structure, these things are what bind us for year after year within brick and mortar, wood and thatch. Go travel the ever shrinking world understand the love, hate relationships you will develop with countries, it truly will be unbelievable, India is one such place, I had spent a year there and in that time had grown to both like and dislike its many nodding heads and smiling faces. Go spend a few weeks there to see what I mean..

I wouldnt trade that year or the many before and still yet to come for all the tea in China.

I have travelled by motorbike across countries, lived on boats, stowed away on trains, walked, climbed, swam and at times prostrated (Tibet, but thats another story).I have been with Mahoots in jungles with elephants, Rangers in mountains with Bears, I have been with the now not so nomadic Tharu tribe,  I have travelled for so long  I have had to take holidays whilst travelling thats how draining the constant moving can be...Border to border, country to continent, jungle to city, white sand, black dust, from the richness of Dubai to the poverty of Nepal, Ive seen how  the reality of life truly is, the places you don't hear of, the people we are hurting by greed,  I have not been influenced by the media, magazines, newspapers, films, I have forgotten words like hate, politics, lies, selfishness, I have seen and experienced all of the World's religions, I have been shown hospitality by Muslim and Christian alike, I have also been caught up in terrorism, I have had guns put to my head, my money and possessions stolen but still I endured and still I travel...  


Sri Lanka, Fisherman 


 Fez, Morrocan trader


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