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Apr 2012

Travelling Portugal (South to North)

Mar 2012

Travelling around UK

Jan,Feb 2012

An attempt to have a job to pay bills, rent etc. (So far not going so good)

December 2011

Travelling to India, (Mumbai). 


November 2011

Travelling to France, Belgium and Germany.


October 2011

Walking the Camino De Santiago.


September 2011

Travelling around South of England/Northern France/Belgium


August 2011

An exhibition of artwork and poetry at University of Essex (TBC) by The Travelling Poet.


July 2011

A series of Five Children's illustrated books finished, if you wish to comment or contribute then get in touch.


Book one


Bear saves the day


Page 1


The day is perfect where the animals roam,

Through streams and woodland they call home,

Insects are busy as way up high,

Birds are swooping and learning to fly.

It's a beautiful place filled with nature and fun,

Where animals play in the long summer sun.


Page 2


Way in the distance but not far at all,

Hot ashes from fires are starting to fall.

Out of the smoke a Hummingbird glides,

His small wings are burning, with no where to hide.

Out of the sky he falls to the ground,

Crying for help, let's hope he is found.


Page 3


Out from a hollow Owl pokes his head,

"What's going on?" the Wise Owl said.

"Help" said Hummingbird, "fires on its way".

"No one is safe and no one must stay".

Then from the trees Bear stands tall,

With one floppy ear, he had listened to it all.

At the top of voice, for all to hear,

"I smell the fire, bring everyone here".


Page 4


After a while of Bear and Owl talking,

Into the clearing others came walking.

In stumbled Pig, followed by Mouse,

"I've nothing left, not even my house".

Poor little Mouse, everyone was thinking,

Nothing for food, no water for drinking.

"We must leave now, Owl said, for all our sake,

Head for the mountains and the safety of the lake".


Page 5


Everyone agreed and off they set,

Looking behind them with tears and regret.

The fire was close, so hurry they must,

In Owl and in Bear they now put their trust.

The lake was far and the path overgrown,

But they were together and no longer alone.


Page 6


"Where are you heading?", whispered little hidden snake.

"To the safety of the island by the mountainside lake,

fire's on its way, said Bear. Its closer than you know,

Can't you see the thick black smoke and feel the fires glow?".

"Yessss I ssssee", little frightened Snake hissed.

And out from his rock he came, that he no longer missed.


Page 7


"Look, squeaked Mouse, further up the trail".

Almost moving backwards was a poor helpful Snail,

Upon his back were injured ants, just happy for the ride.

"Better here that by the smoke", the smallest ant had cried.

"Speed is needed, Bear explained we're going to the lake".

As he picked up Snail with all the ants and placed them on the Snake.


Page 8


"The sun is setting, Owl announced, shelter we must share".

"My cave is close, Bear explained, why don't we rest in there?".

And so as friends they spent the night telling stories from their past,

As wise old Owl thought to himself, these friendships now will last.

Safe for now, Bear closed his eyes and dreamt of fish filled streams.

Tomorrow was another day for now just happy dreams.


Page 9


Morning came but no bright sun was there to greet the cave.

Thick dark smoke was rolling in upon a burning wave.

The cave was blocked but Bear was smart, he knew another way.

"Follow me and make it quick, I see the light of day".

Back on the path they stood again, just glad to breathe fresh air.

"By no means safe, the fire's close, said a rather smoke filled Bear".


Page 10


Upon the branch Owl was waiting, he knew what lay ahead.

The hunter's cabin and hunting traps, it filled them all with dread.

"We have no choice, Owl explained, lets hurry past this threat".

Bear remembered the man and gun and the day they both had met.

Quiet now they spoke no words and crept from log to log,

But none could be that quiet for the clever hunter's dog.

"Please help, he cried, I'm chained up here with no chance to be free,

my master left and the fires' near, I promise it's just me".


Page 11


Past the cabin dog looked back, a tear flowed down his cheek.

He loved that home and fireplace, he loved the trees and creek.

Forward now, no looking back, the lake now all could see.

"But not that close", a voice announced, and there hovered Queen Bee.

"The path ahead it splits in two, only one will get you there,

my bees will help you find the way", "Agreed and thanks", said Bear.


Page 12


Up they went, the hill was steep and the view ahead was great.

But as they turned and looked behind they had no time to wait.

For all behind was fire and smoke and mostly black and burnt.

Luck and Bear had saved the day, this was a lesson learnt.

Down the hill, across the gorge they knew the lake was near,

Faster now, with beating hearts, the fire all could hear.


Page 13


"Wait!" buzzed Bee, with a sudden halt as everyone did stop.

There in front was a steep ravine with a very deep long drop.

"What now, cried mouse, this bridge looks old and ready to collapse?".

"Quick, one at a time, yelled Bear, and hurry before it snaps".

Big Bear was last as the bridge did creak and finally it gave way,

But Bear was smart and clung on tight as he climbed out to "Hurray".


Page 14


"Look, squeeked Mouse, the lake, the lake, it's just beyond the trees".

Then for all to see and feel was water and the mountain's soft cool breeze.

"But how do we all get across to the island?" queried Snake,

"Jump on my back, explained big Bear. I will swim across this lake".

And on Bear's back jumped Pig and Mouse, followed by the Snail.

Then Hummingbird, the Ants and Snake, with Dog just by his tail.

Across the lake Bear did swim as the fire let out a roar.

Too late Bear thought, safe and sound this fire will hurt no  more.


Page 15


The moon shimmered and shone for them, on the safety of that night,

As the animals laughed and felt happiness, all eyes were shining bright.

They danced, then slept in a peaceful way.

All knew that Bear had saved the day.

Then morning came and the fire had passed but left the land all burnt.

"What now?" Ant asked, "Sit down, said Owl, there's something I once learnt".


Page 16


"I was told that far from here", and Owl began to speak,

"There's waterfalls, with trees and streams, it's a land that we could seek.

"This land is burnt and needs time to grow, let's find this other place".

Each animal then looked at Owl and agreed right to his face.

No one knew what lay ahead, adventure that's for sure,

And so as friends they would go together and be alone no more.


The End


Book 2.  The Journey

Book 3.  The missing Bees

Book 4.  Mouse becomes a hero

Book 5.  The Gathering of the Animals

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